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Conservative Subfund

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The Subfund will largely invest in participation titles of foreign funds (over 70%), with the better part of that being allocated to debt funds (above 50% of assets). The Subfund may also invest in shares (not more than 20%), as well as bonds, money market instruments and covered bonds of mortgage banks (not more than 20% in total). The subfund aims to generate higher rates of return than in case of bond and money market funds, at the same time maintaining a moderate risk level.

Level of risk

Lower risk
Potentially lower return
Higher risk
Potentially higher return


Paweł Grzywa

Manages: Millennium Specialized Open Investment Fund Global Stable Growth Subfund, Millennium Specialized Open Investment Fund Global Equity Subfund, Millennium Specialized Open Investment Fund Global Alternatives Subfund, Millennium Dividend CIF.

Graduate of Warsaw School of Economics, department of Finance and Accounting. In 2013 he obtained an investment advisor license (license no. 465). From March 2010 to February 2014 he worked as a senior fund accounting analyst in Citigroup. From April 2014 to November 2014 he worked as an investment advisor in Inventum TFI. Since February 2016 he has been working at Millennium TFI as an investment fund analyst.



(As of: 2018-09-17)


Rate of return for a selected period

Valuation date
Participation unit value

Rates of return in PLN:


Subfund description:

Launched on:2016-12-07
Subfund’s assets as of 2018-08-31:17 569 657,69 PLN
Minimum first payment amount:category A 500 PLN category B 2 000 PLN
Subsequent payment amount:category A 500 PLN category B 1 000 PLN
Management fee:2,50%
Transfer agent:ProService Agent Transferowy
Depositary:Bank Millennium S.A.

Asset structure:

(As of: 2018-07-31)



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Fact sheets

Investing in mutual funds involves risk of loss as well as the obligation to pay fees and tax. The Fund does not guarantee the investment objective or specific investment result. The value of net assets of Millennium Funds is or may be characterised by high volatility due to the composition of investment portfolios. The issuer, the guarantor or the guarantor of securities representing more than 35% of the assets of Millennium Funds (excluding the Millennium SFIO) may be the Treasury, National Bank of Poland, the U.S. government, the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank. The full description of Millennium Funds, including a description of risk factors is contained in prospectuses and Key Investor Information Documents of individual Funds are available in branches of Bank Millennium S.A., in the seat of Millennium TFI S.A and in the sales points.


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